Friday, August 27, 2010

But its a DRY heat.....

Here in Arizona it is HOT.  Not just mildly hot or even hot.  It is hotter than H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks Hot!
People always say to me "but its a DRY heat!"  Dry heat my foot!  Would you want to live in an oven?
Its so hot here that you can bake cookies in your car!  So, to prove my point, I did it!

Here are the cookies waiting to be put into the "oven"
Don't they look good?  Don't you just want to pick one off the tray and eat it?
Ok so I put tinfoil on the cookie sheet and then put a towel under the cookie sheet just in case it got too hot I didn't want it to damage my dashboard.
And in they go.  I couldn't get a good shot that read the thermometer, but it didn't matter anyways because after this shot it overheated and stopped showing me the temp.  At this point it was 117 outside and 148.5 in the car.  I'm sure it got even hotter in there.
Half an hour later

Another half hour 

And later

Finally!!!  It took about 2.5 hours, they were a little chewy in the middle but thats just how I like them
So maybe there IS one positive thing about living in AZ after all.  I could make cookies while running errands and not get hungry.....


  1. That is hilarious!! Try frying an egg next!! :-) You could start a blog about foods made in the car called "food on the go". You crack me up!!

  2. I have wanted to try that here in Georgia. We have had insane hot days, unlike you we have the humidity :(

    Now I want cookies :)